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What Customers Prefer in College Promotional Agencies

Many brands and businesses have found reaching out to college students as an exceptionally profitable option. This is because, the brands today realized the college market is important and the ideal way to reach them is through college promotions.

It is not just important to find college students, which is in fact the easy part, but how to keep them engaged often needs different tactics.

Brand awareness campaigns, special events, premieres, product launches are some of the common contract which most of the college students can participate in. Their young and impressionable age works in favor of establishing the brand loyalty to the approaching customers.

College Promotions

Some of the most common activities of the college promotions and campaigns include:

• Unique marketing strategy
• Promotional staffing
• Greek life
• Print distribution
• Sporting events
• Sampling
• Street teams
• Experiential

There are plenty of college marketing companies, but what make them different than the rest are the following points:

• Being authentic

Typically, there is too much of consumption of the funds in the name of implementing the age old marketing and promotional strategies. How an agency can go the extra mile to make the campaign effective and worthwhile is what makes them a reputed and trusted name in the business.

• Knowledgeable

The Brand Ambassadors of the college marketing and promotional agencies should not just be knowledgeable but also outgoing, friendly, and passionate about the job. This energy should be employed to make the most effective campaigns.

• Being accurate

It is a wrong practice to show made up numbers in the college marketing industry, which is a very common trend amongst the companies. Being plagued by inflated reporting numbers affects the reputation in the long run and creates a disparity. A fair business strategy leaves an indelible impression.

College life is certainly not just getting a degree but also about learning guerilla and experiential marketing. Get some extra bucks while doing what you love to do is possibly the best way to get out of the mundane college life. Founded in 2011 by Dan Levy, Atlas College Marketing has transitioned into a full-service promotional marketing company. Today, they are involved in executing meaningful college marketing programs all across the nation. Visit or dial 215-518-1637 to know more.


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